What We Believe

At Feather and Oak we prefer personal to perfect; we believe that style and beauty can cohabit with comfortable and liveable. Weʼre open-minded, and believe if you love it then it will reflect YOU. That being said, we do have a few firmly held beliefs.

Classic & Liveable


NO 1.

Classic and liveable beats trendy and short-lived.


NO 2.

Beauty needn’t come at the cost of comfort or utility – steer clear of furniture or fixtures that don’t do their job

Beauty shouldn't cost utility
Masculine & Feminine


NO 3.

Feminine and Masculine mix well – Feather and Oak! Add too much of one or the other & your space will feel unbalanced.


NO 4.

Clutter is the enemy – for a sense of wellbeing edit the superfluous.

Clutter is the enemy
Pleasingly elegant


NO 5.

Ordinary utilitarian items, such as wastebaskets and scrub brushes, can – and should – be as pleasingly elegant as focal pieces.


NO 6.

Thoughtfully designed and produced goods made with sustainable materials are a far better investment than big box bargains.

Get good quality!
Dose of colour


NO 7.

A room full of neutrals needs a disciplined dose of colour. Think cushions, throws, ceramics and artwork.


NO 8.

A mix of textures makes a room interesting.

Mix textures
Stylish interiors


NO 9.

Children, pets & stylish interiors are not mutually exclusive.


NO 10.

Stay true to you – live what you love!

Stay true to you!