Have you ever noticed that as women start to age they seem to grow more beautiful?  I believe the reason for this is the confidence that resonates from them – they know who they are, what their style is and are content with that discovery.  As our personal style continues to evolve and we grow into our ‘brand’ why then do we sometimes come unstuck when it comes to defining our interior style?

Very often I talk with women asking for advice on figuring out their personal design style.  The women usually don’t like or are unhappy with their current space but aren’t too sure what to do with it, how to replace items or how to tie everything together to result in a space they love.  They are afraid to make wrong interior choices and therefore live in a state of indecision not enjoying their home at all.    This series is about ‘Finding Your Personal Design Style’


Today I want to talk about the ‘Finding Your Personal Design Style – The Problem’.  I understand your concerns as I  have been there too!  Because I have been through the same struggles (it really is a thing!), I want to start providing you with some tips and tools to use to start figuring out what YOUR STYLE is.  Your style won’t necessarily match my style exactly and that is absolutely okay because your style should be personal and unique to you – Your Home Should Tell Your Story!


There is a constant stream of trends and different styles – boho, minimalism, scandi, mid-century modern, coastal… the list goes on.  We see reporting on ‘Trends for 2019’ – botanical and tropical prints, global goodness, factory chic, metallics and velvet but what does that mean for you?  How do emerging trends fit within the context of your home?  Do you even like the trends?  Just as we sometimes wait for a fashion trend to pass recognising it is not for us (revealing midriffs tops anyone?) so too for our interiors.  But before we dive into figuring out exactly what you love, I think it’s important to take inventory of what you don’t love in your home and what your style is NOT.  Sometimes analyzing the information about what you don’t love in your home is just as important in order to arrive at what you do love.



Yes – I am giving you a homework assignment!  This is the first of a couple of exercises I want you to complete over the next few months so I can coach you through the process of defining your style so that you can go forward and conquer in your home!

Download and print these worksheets below.  As you go through each room in your house complete the list with the help of the prompts noting what you don’t love, why and what might be holding you back from changing it.  Don’t forget to answer the follow up questions – any conclusions that we can draw from your responses will be really helpful as we journey forward to the next steps.


This assignment may seem a bit simple or elementary, but honestly, it’s something I did and I found it to be really helpful (I may have also used a few guinea pigs prior to going live with this post!).  Sometimes it really takes seeing all of these thoughts written down in one place to find some clarity about what you don’t like!

After you have compiled all the information in the assignment you might notice some trends and you will have a better idea of what you don’t love.  Colours, patterns, shapes that you really don’t like should be immediately removed from your future personal style and save any styling-regret purchasing decisions.

In the next couple of posts I can then provide you with some additional exercises that will help you figure out what colour, pattern, and decorative details you should replace them with.  All in aid of ‘Finding Your Personal Design Style’!

Looking forward to continuing this design style journey with you!

Katy XX