For all those amazing mumma’s out there who love, support and coach here is a little download just for you.

Motherhood has so many ups and downs – laughter, tears, pure joy, frustration, and those golden moments that snapshot into your memory for ever. Moments when you just want to squeeze hugs into your child that will last them forever and moments when you try to hide in your wardrobe hoping they won’t find you! There are times when you are just so proud of your children it brings tears to your eyes and nights when you hold your breath and count to 567 because you cannot understand why their wrists feel too big for their arms or their hair hurts and they can’t sleep (really – I would gladly swap places and snooze right now!!!). I wouldn’t change this crazy ride of motherhood for anything and felt like this quote summed it all up. Hopefully you like it too…

Much love

Katy XX

P.S. Always remember – You Are Your Super Power!

Screen Saver – Phone

Screen Saver – Desktop