I have just been on the receiving end of some incredibly unfair and unkind gossip and I thought, because September 1st is Random Acts of Kindness Day, it might be time to highlight Kindness.

It can be a tricky thing to teach our children skills to cope with unfair and malicious talk and I’m not sure that we find negative gossip situations any easier to navigate as adults. However, I do like to teach my children that one way to counter this is through kindness – and it is free! Kindness does not take anything away from you when you give it to someone else – there is no depletion in your abilities, self-worth or value by complimenting someone else. A negative transaction does not occur when we recognise the good in others – we are not diminishing our significance but rather taking the opportunity to make someone else feel valued and special. Gossip is a hateful, hurtful cycle that only causes pain – sprinkling kindness to those we meet in our day however builds up, encourages and is contagious. Goodbye nasty gossip – hello kindness!

Random acts of kindness matter — doing something unexpected for someone can not only completely change their day but has the potential to make you feel happier too.

You never know what is happening in the world of those around you and how doing something small for them — even just giving a compliment! — can completely change how they’re feeling.

I would like to challenge you that today you could do one of these small, random acts of kindness. By spreading positivity to others, you’ll have a better day too — and you never know, because random acts of kindness are contagious, they might pass on the generosity to someone else.

Here are 20 ways that you could spread kindness to others:

  1. Buy coffee for the person in the line behind you
  2. Send a friend an encouraging text
  3. Leave a co-worker a kind note on their desk
  4. Mail someone you love a card
  5. Give a stranger a compliment
  6. Call a family member
  7. Bring a treat to work
  8. Text someone good morning
  9. Say yes when a cashier asks you to donate to a cause
  10. Make concrete plans with someone you haven’t seen in awhile
  11. Hold the door open for someone else
  12. Let someone merge in front of you in traffic
  13. Let someone check out before you at the supermarket
  14. Send a thank-you note
  15. Bake for your neighbours
  16. Offer to return a supermarket trolley for someone
  17. Donate old towels and blankets to an animal shelter
  18. Make someone a cup of tea
  19. Pay for somebody’s car parking
  20. Smile at those you pass

It is worth noting that we are often better at being kind to others than to ourselves. Learning positive and constructive self-talk can take some time but shouldn’t we be kind to ourselves? Gentleness and consideration of ourselves can be so hard with our endless striving to be better and meet impossibly high standards (I’m looking at you social media), however it is vital to be kind to ourselves.






With much love and kindness……..Katy XX

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