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Ever wondered what the difference is between Styling and Interior Design?? I thought it would be good to try and unpack for you some of the differences between the two…


Styling an interior is about working with a client’s vision and jumping into how we want the room to ‘feel and function’.  When you are styling an interior you are predominantly working with what you have and editing and curating the space until it looks interesting and reflects the personalities in the home.  When you go through this process you give yourself permission and time to play around with the existing props in the home – perhaps it is just a simple refresh of surfaces: replacing a build up of detritus from family life with a decorative box, a pretty tray, some books and a vase of fresh flowers.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of Emily Henderson Design

As your rooms and individual vignettes come together there may be spaces for curated pieces that we can help you find to complete the look.  Knowing where your gaps are helps make shopping planned and eliminates buyers-regret after you get home and find the item doesn’t match.  As you complete areas you will find your rooms take on a cohesive look and the spaces will feel decorated.

When styling rooms it is important to understand and define your style.  At Feather and Oak Interiors we can help you analyze your style – look at your likes and dislikes, what makes you feel comfortable, understand what ‘home’ means to you.  When your home style marries with your personality and your past – when it resembles ‘you’, there is a magic created in your environment.  You may never want to leave home and if you do you will long to be back home again!

You will often hear people say, ‘I really love her style’ or ‘She has a real eye for styling’. Having skills in styling, both in interiors and fashion, doesn’t necessarily mean completing tertiary study and gaining a qualification. Styling skills can be a combination of personality, confidence, and style.


I have defined Interior Design as: ‘The art of Interior Design is to utilise skills to enhance the interior of a building to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space”.  Interior Design is a multi-faceted profession that emphasises functional design, planning and using interior space effectively.

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Interior Designers go beyond the selection of colour palettes and styling and can undertake projects that include arranging the basic layout of spaces within a building and apply their knowledge to the development of construction documents and the management, coordination and execution of professional services.

Many designers specialise in different areas such as commercial, hospitality or residential design and develop technical knowledge and experience that is specific to that area.  Interior design is constantly evolving and developing and designers are always researching across many different fields to provide fresh ideas and understanding of how people are influenced by their environments.

Residential design is the design of the interior of private residences.  This type of design is specific and tailored to the individual situation as the needs and wants of the owner are the chief aim of the designer.  An interior designer may work on the project from the initial planning stage of a new build or may work on remodelling/renovating an existing home.

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Interior Design involves understanding principles of design and various influences and technologies that affect the way we live. An Interior Design qualification gives designers a thorough understanding of principles. The opportunity to work with different clients across different situations gives a designer a raft of experience that can help future clients make informed choices across their build or renovation.

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At Feather and Oak Interiors we offer both Styling and Interior Design Services. Check out the links below and if you want to talk through your next project give us a call. We love Design and Styling as we are passionate about people loving their homes and creating a haven for them and their families.

Love Katy XX

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