Happy 2018 Everyone!  We hope that you had an amazing holiday and a chance to relax and refresh.  I have tried to completely unplug and enjoy the season, the family and making memories.  I am so excited about the coming year and all the potential it has.  Anyone else ready for a fresh start?!

2018 GOALS

One of my favourite January traditions when I am away on holiday is to look back at the year that has passed and evaluate the great, the good and the missed-the-mark.  I also love looking and planning the year ahead while I have the time and lack of distractions.  I find that setting goals and writing lists creates a sense of excitement and possibility about the year ahead as well as helping to prioritise projects to research, plan and get underway.


I am, quite honestly, a list person.  I find I feel quite overwhelmed and reactive to the day/week/month without a list.  If I don’t refer to a list then I quickly lose track of what I was hoping to accomplish and because life is busy, I am very likely to miss something important!  I also love the fulfillment of crossing items of the list that I have accomplished (yes, I am totally guilty of adding things to the list that I have already done for the satisfaction of being able to cross them off!!)


This year I have decided to make a list of things throughout the year that I would like to do.  I have always had house plans and ideas for rooms that I want to achieve but never written a list of tasks to keep me on track for the year.  My list is rather lofty (we will see what my bank account thinks of all these goals!) but I think making this list will keep me on task and give me direction as the year speeds up and life gets busier.

We bought our house two years ago from family and this is our forever home.  Because I have visited here for the last 20 years and Edward grew up in the house, it has been really important to live here and experience the way we use the house with a young, busy household before embarking on renovations.  We have some very big aspirations for our home in the future so some of what we do is to last for five years and some much longer.

We started renovating our living room late last year and I am so pleased with the results so far that it has definitely made me eager to continue (future blogs to come!), but there is so much to do it is always hard picking where to next when you are renovating!


  • Paint the living/dining/kitchen area
  • Hang curtains in dining room and venetian blinds in kitchen
  • New kitchen tap
  • Re-tile splashback in kitchen and new floating shelf
  • Paint/wallpaper the entrance
  • Paint/wallpaper Elliot’s bedroom, new curtains, organise room layout, wardrobe fit-out
  • Paint/wallpaper Annabelle’s room, wardrobe fit-out
  • Paint William’s room, new blinds, organise room layout, furniture, wardrobe fit-out
  • Paint window surrounds in our bedroom and new curtains
  • Paint Edwin’s room, wardrobe fit-out
  • Hang mirrors in hallway
  • Wallpaper living room wall
  • Find pictures for walls, lamp and small coffee table
  • Paint corner cupboard, new handles
  • Paint hearth surround
  • Maintain new gardens and continue to infill plant
  • Stain fences

This is definitely a very large list and honestly, slightly overwhelming but it certainly helps clarify where to next and we have the whole year ahead!  Even if we don’t get it all done that is totally okay.  Hopefully the list will keep us on track and by the end of the year we would have probably achieved more than if we hadn’t had a plan so that I believe is a big 2018 win!

I would love to hear about anyone else’s plans for the year!