We have been in business now for two and a half very busy years! There has been lots of falls and tears, lots of wins and laughs, lots of planning and navigating our lane; and ultimately continually discovering who we are as a business. I always try to take some time in January to look over the year that has been and understand where we might have fallen short in our goals but also what has really worked for the team, for our customers, for the family and for me.

This year I really took some time to reflect on our Feather and Oak journey and understand how far we have come in a relatively short space of time but also where are we going now that we have had some time in the saddle.

  • What are we about?
  • Why are we here?
  • What do we love to do?

What became apparent to me was just how much I had loved working with my amazing clients over the year. They came from all walks of life, with so many different stories and motivations – some had experienced tragedies, some were crafting homes for extended family, clients were creating homes together for the first time as couples after failed first marriages, some clients were creating rooms for new additions to the family. There were so many different experiences and motivations….

There is one thing in common amongst so many of the women we work with (and I place myself squarely in this category!) – we are all ‘Women Who Hustle Hard’. We are all busy – life is busy! As mothers, wives, friends, daughters, sister’s, employers, aunties, coaches, employee’s, grandmothers, confidants – we wear so many hats in our lives that it is no wonder that by the end of the day we can barely remember what happened that morning let alone get through reading an entire picture book without falling asleep! (#mystory – so sorry Edwin!!)

I was thinking back over my ‘Hustling’ career and there are so many times that I felt that I was working to absolute capacity – first job, studying interior design, moving four times in one year (never again – I mean never!), first-time mum, second-time mum, husband working away from home for months on end, third-time mum, fourth-time mum (yikes!), buying a business, closing that business and opening a new business, still being a mum…. So many times during those ‘adult’ 20 years represented above I was hustling hard. Don’t get me wrong – I love hustling. I enjoy being busy and I find I am really quite effective when I have a list of tasks to achieve (hello to all the other achievers out there!).

However the light bulb turned on brightly for me when I realised that part of what made all the hustling during the day possible, not just that day but day-after-day, was my home. Home – a place where I can create and experience important and meaningful moments, a place where I can express who I am and my story, a place where I can create memories, a place where I can refresh, re-energise, and re-charge – my haven.

I have always loved putting time into my home environment. From my early teenage years when my mum and I rag-rolled variations of yellow onto the walls of my bedroom to match with the mid-blue skirtings and architraves (yes – Dad was out of the house that day!) to baby-hood days with the constant battle to corral toys into fun coloured (but tidy??!) buckets in bedrooms and keep some semblance of adult-space in the living room, to that comfortable chair with the cosy throw that I can snooze in after seeing the opening five minutes of the movie on Friday night that I have been wanting to watch all week. It is important to me that I can come into my home after a busy day and feel that my environment expresses ‘me’ and my family – that it caters to our lives and gives me the opportunity to relax so I can hit ‘repeat’ tomorrow.

Now let me be real here – our house does NOT look like a magazine or show home. We do not have it all together by any stretch – we are rather like the builder who never quite gets to his house (this is a definite work in progress and a journey I hope to share with you on the blog)! However, what home does have is spaces where we can refresh and re-charge, areas of relaxation that are inviting and comforting and reflect our tastes and personality. It is so important in our busy lives that we have the opportunity to take the time we need to fill up our tanks and then go out and hustle hard the next day and the next day after that.

Some of the most amazing clients last year were those that ‘hated’ rooms in their houses or who were trying to define what spaces they needed in new homes to ensure that ‘home’ had everything they and their families needed. I loved working with these women to define what ‘home’ means to them – how do they like to relax, what do they need to see, feel, experience when they walk in the door, what do they need from their home environment to be able to keep dominating at life?

We love working with our design clients to help create homes where they can relax and refresh to keep hustling hard at life. To help craft that part of the day when you get to go ‘ahhhhhhh’ and take a moment for you.”

It is an absolute privilege to work with women and understand their motivations and needs and then help them create homes to relax and refresh. Some of my most favourite moments are when I hear back from clients ‘I love my room so much’ – a place they previously avoided but that now reflects their personality and story through beautiful design and styling.

We consider your success our success. If, through design and styling, we can achieve the very best version of your taste to create your haven so you can go out and hustle hard we will be so happy. This is our vision. Our why. If you need help crafting spaces to relax so you are able to go out and hustle hard day after day, I would love to work with you. Give me a call or check out some of our Coffee Dates below so we can get started.

Love Katy XX

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