Ahimsa Cosmetics Lipstick


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AHIMSA (A-HIM-SA) is the principle of not causing harm to other living things.

Ahimsa lipsticks are a beautiful combination of bold vibrant shades blended with the best natural ingredients containing no nasty chemicals! They’re also super hydrating and packed full of natures best ingredients. 

  • Concept designed in New Zealand
  • Crafted in Australia
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Palm Oil Free (we love this!)
  • Custom Formulation with the Finest Natural Ingredients


Bunny: This deep colour evokes the feeling of Gratitude. Just as the humble bunny feels grateful to be left to its own devices, you too can embrace an attitude for gratitude for all the blessings in your life.


Flamingo: This beautiful pink evokes the feeling of Joy. Just as the Flamingo dances to its own beat, this colour is going to put a spring into your step!  


Jaguar: This dynamic colour evokes the feeling of Justice. The powerful Jaguar has the natural instincts knowing right from wrong. When you wear this colour, tap into your inner conscience and let that be your guide. 


Kiwi: This natural shade shows a feeling of Compassion.  The native New Zealand Kiwi shows kindness and compassion to other creatures around her.  When you wear this colour, embrace the feeling of compassion and consideration for others.


Lady Bird: This vibrant colour gives a feeling of Resilience. The tiny ladybird maybe small in stature but when faced with adversity she never gives up. When you wear this colour, channel your inner resilience and believe in yourself.


Lioness: This deep, enchanting colour evokes the feeling of Courage. Just as the majestic lioness walks with confidence and strength, feel empowered wearing this shade.


Love Bird: This beautiful red evokes the feeling of Love. Love Birds live their whole lives in love. When you wear this shade, tap into the feeling of unconditional love. 


Panda: This natural colour evokes the feeling of Peace. Just as the Panda goes about her day with a sense of calmness, you too will tap into your inner zen wearing this shade.


Panther: This beautiful bright colour evokes the feeling of Play. The playful panther loves to have fun and so too will you when you wear this shade!


Tigress: This dynamic deep pink evokes the feeling of Truth. Just as the Tigress walks in her own truth, this colour will give you the confidence to follow your own truth.

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