Interior Design

Telling your story through design

I passionately believe in creating ‘homes’ – beautiful and stylish spaces that encompass your history and stories, your likes and inspirations; homes that are inviting and original.

I believe, while a house provides shelter and a place to gather, it is also our haven where we can express our feelings and experience important and meaningful occasions that create our story. When we are refreshed and inspired at home we can go out and conquer our world.

Therefore, designing a home is a very personal venture – a home provides the canvas on which we can illustrate who we are. Your home should look like you (even if you use an Interior Designer) and reflect your history, mementoes from travelling, gifts and childhood keepsakes. As an Interior Designer, I believe my role is to take your history, opinions and likes and filter them through my knowledge of design concepts, sources and experience to create the very best possible version of your taste.

At Feather and Oak Interiors there are no templates or cookie-cutter attempts at design and styling. We design for you – telling your story through design. Who are you? What makes you tick? Where have you been and what do you love? Who do you love? Let’s Connect and chat through your project!

Interior Coffee Date

The Interior Coffee Date

Created to help you select the interior colours for your new home.

Exterior Coffee Date

The Exterior Coffee Date

Created to help you select the exterior colours for your new home.

Interior Design - The Plan

Interior Design – The Plan

Created to help you craft the perfect plan for your new build or renovation.

By The Hour

By The Hour

Developed for the client that may be embarking on a project, renovation, new build or interior makeover. There may be aspects of the project that you are happy to research and manage and other areas where you would like to work with Katy and the team to develop your interior concept. Using our By the Hour service means that you can tailor the expertise you are receiving to best meet your project needs and drive the design process. Get in touch today to discuss how we can work collaboratively with you to create a successful expression of your personal style in your home.

Investment – $150 per hour

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Interior Styling

Style beautiful and functional spaces

You have great taste. You might just not know it yet! Who are you? What makes you tick? Where have you been and what do you love? Who do you love?

Sometimes it can feel very challenging to decipher ‘our style’. Whether we like the pictures in a home magazine or walk into a friend’s home and feel instantly relaxed and comfortable can depend on whether it appeals to our sense of style.

To style well, the layout and placement of pieces of furniture and decor in a room need to work well together. There is an art to styling and design and although our emotions and creativity set the direction along the path there are rules and guidelines that result in a space with style. If you are struggling to find your style, need help setting up or making over a space or want assistance with the finishing touches, Katy can help with styling your space.

Let’s Connect
Styling Coffee Date

The Styling Coffee Date

The Coffee Date has been created after working with lovely clients, like you, who have great taste but want help pulling it all together.

Styling Coffee and Cake Date

The Styling Coffee and Cake Date

Created for clients who wish to delve a little deeper into their styling dilemma.