Family: Just a small family of two, my husband Conor and I
Day job:  Retail superstar at Feather & Oak Interiors
Describe yourself in 3 words:  Bubbly, Organised, Realist
Home is… Warm, relaxing and full of people and things you love
Coffee or Tea? COFFEE ... always coffee!
Favourite Holiday? Hands down Christmas. It includes all of my favourite things – family, food and presents
Drink of choice: Still coffee. I’m somewhat of a coffee snob
I’m absolutely awful at... Checking when the car needs oil or a WOF or a rego for that matter!
I love… My family, great food and fashion!
Favourite magazines... I don’t read a lot of magazines but I’m obsessed with buying cookbooks
Guilty Pleasure? Shopping – I love pretty things (and chocolate)
Hobbies? Is shopping a hobby? In all seriousness I like to bake when I have time and I enjoy researching about nutrition and how foods and hormones affect our bodies #drlibbyfan
If you were an icecream what flavour would you be? Raspberry and white chocolate
What’s one piece of interior advice you would give? Research, research, research! Always have a god idea of what look you’re really wanting before you start buying and that way you will always buy what you love. Pinterest and Instagram will be your new best friend.
Current homeware obsession? Cushions! I almost need a new cupboard to store all the cushions that I want.