Family I am married to my husband Edward and have four children, William, Elliot, Annabelle and Edwin – there is not a lot of free air-time in our house especially at the dinner table where we have to practise taking turns talking!
Day Job Owner of Feather and Oak Interiors – Interior Designer and Managing Director
Describe yourself in 3 words: Organized, motivated and positive
Home is... a place to relax and gather with your loved ones
Coffee or Tea? Tea – Chai and Peppermint are my current favourites
Instagram or Pinterest? Both (only slightly obsessed)! I think they can be a really useful tool for collecting your ideas and seeing themes of what you like starting to develop
Velvet or Linen? Eeeekk – I could never choose between them. Both is the only option!
Favourite Holiday? Absolutely Christmas…the most magical and fun time of the year when you can be just as giddy as the children!
Drink of choice: Sparkling Water with a twist of lemon
I’m absolutely awful at… Sweaty exercise! I am much more of a gentle walk kind-of-girl.
I love… time with my loved ones, fresh flowers and a completed to-do list (hello to all the other achievers out there!)
Guilty Pleasure? hmmmm…..Magazines!!! Brie and walnut crackers – yum!
Hobbies: I belong to a super fun Book Club (we talk about books about 10% of the time!), gardening if I get the opportunity, does falling asleep on the sofa at the end of a busy week count???
If you were an ice-cream what flavour would you be: I think I would be Mango Sorbet or maybe Pistachio Gelato
What’s one piece of interior advice you would give? Please do not worry what everyone else thinks…if you like the way it looks, if it tells part of your story and makes you happy then it will work for you in your home.
Green thumbs or black fingers? Mostly green thumbs although I struggle for enough time
Current homeware obsession? I am loving my new snuggly winter throws. There is nothing better than curling up under a gorgeous throw to read or watch a movie