Family: The four men in my family are my life
Day job: Creative Sewer
Describe yourself in 3 words:  Caring, helpful, tidy
Coffee or Tea?  Tea, Coffee once a day
Favourite Holiday? Road Trip around the South Island
Drink of choice:  I’m a Sauvignon Blanc girl
I’m absolutely awful at… Computing
I love… My family, being outside and what I do for a job. Also, music and a good boogy
Guilty Pleasure? I’ve got nothing to be guilty of... ”The Bee Gees”
Hobbies?  Walking, spending time in the garden making nice things for my home and relaxing with David
If you were an icecream what flavour would you be: I’m not really a dessert person so as a Lancashire lass it has to be Lancashire cheese and crackers
What’s one piece of curtain advice you would give?  Whatever your budget is, we can make any choice of fabric into beautiful drapes. Using different headings to suit fabrics we can totally wow you!